The Pawnshop Manual

Yes this is the last episode of Back Alley Jams for the foreseeable future. This last episode was never intended as such, I just merely stopped booking bands and figured the timing was right. However, I found that The Pawnshop Manual shared a like-spirit with-in their music as the show has attempted to maintain. The Pawnshop Manual is an interesting musical project not only because it refuses to adhere to a single genre (which I love), but it encourages the collaborative effort of its fans.

The music created by Pawnshop manual is registered under Creative Commons and the band encourages listeners to remix, add to, or be inspired by any of the material produced by the band. On the site you can find various artistic creations (through different media) inspired by the music, as well as remixes and videos created from individual songs. In an age of stark divide between performer and audience The Pawnshop Manual step outside of the box and are creating a community around their music. An approach I find very refreshing.

Have a listen to the live performance and the interview to hear the band talk about how this all came about.


Playlist for this episode:

*This time I would like to include my intended playlist in its entirety. I usually get ahead of myself and plan a playlist that far exceeds the air-time I actually have to fill during the show and some songs carry-over to the next show. Since this was my last show I figured I’d include the songs I played and the entire playlist I intended to play. I put quite a bit of thought into this playlist and each artist has appeared on my show at some point. The stars -> * denote songs I didn’t get a chance to play.

(Song – Artist – Album)

Clarissa – Blake Enemark – Ornaments & Scrollwork

Is This the Case – Chris Ho – Under an Oak Tree EP

Caramel Spies – Versa – The Decline and Fall Of…

Forget – The Dyeing Merchants – S/T

Jingle Jangle – Triadic – Free EP Vol.1 (

*The Warnings – Liam Beans – Random Tracks EP

*Man On Earth – Rocky Mountain Rebel Music – Vic Sound System

*Count of Monte Cristo – Compassion Gorilla – S/T

*78′ Car Chase – Bible Belt Badlands – Life After Wax

The End – The Beatles – Abbey Road

Big thank you to anyone who ever listened and of course, all the local musicians in the beautiful town of Victoria!


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