Mark Ednie/Cole Reinhart

The chill vocals and acoustic guitar’s of these two local, solo, folk musicians nearly lulled me to a pleasant dream state.  Mark Ednie and Cole Reinhart, long-time friends, each played a 3-song set and then joined me for a mini-interview where they each talked about their music. Both Mark and Cole are very present figures in the local music scene especially in the open mic/ live performance circuit.

Mark is actually my next door neighbour, and I feel like such a spoiled kid because many a times I have been woken up to the sound of him practicing next door. Nothing beats that after a lazy sleep-in on a bright, Victoria, summer day…so, thanks Mark.

Cole and Mark are also working on getting albums out so look out for those soon.

Great guys, great music.


Playlist for this episode:

(Song – Artist – Album)

Somebody Else’s Love Story – Eric Harper – S/T

Two Shamans III – Michael Waters & Marjorie Dow – Spirit & Space

Body’s Warm – Jon & Roy – Homes

Night Owls – Forestry -S/T

Instrumental – Balacade – Specific, Northwest

Times a Thousand – Hot Hot Heat – Future Breeds

Weighs Me Down (The Money Song) – The Party On High Street – S/T


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